Tuukka Sarkki

A futurist, social anthropologist, and a certified enterprise architect with 20 years of experience in advising companies on digital business development, Tuukka has extensive experience in working in international and complex work environments. His core competence area is helping companies in leveraging business insight and information, in transformative decision making and management.

A father of two who spends his free time building LEGO playhouses, and producing mind blowing techno beats.

Teemu Uotila

Has a keen interest in developing new ways to create unique advantages for organisations’ internal operations, as well as in customer interface. His strengths are focused on organisational efficiency and comfort, reward mechanisms, and extreme ownership structuring. He has 15 years of experience on a global scale in leadership roles.

Exercise is near to his heart (ultrarun, brazilian jiu-jitsu, gym) and he doesn’t feel that old yet!

Risto Nykänen

Has had enriching entrepreneurial experience in various industries over the years, and worked in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Different roles on the borderline of business and technology have provided him with hands-on insight into industry disruptions and the transformation of businesses and technologies.

In his spare time, Risto develops his SW engineering skills, enjoys reading and does various outdoor and indoor sports.

Sami Suominen

An innovative and analytical creator with 15 years’ experience in analytics as a researcher, consultant, and in management positions. He is especially interested in data utilisation in business and implementing strategies for data-driven services.

In sports games, he is fascinated by the bigger picture formed by emotions, moments and tactical skill. A brilliant super hero to his children.

Mari Jokiranta

Future orientated psychologist who is passionate about optimal development of people and business. She has been gaining organizational insight by consulting Finnish companies for last 10 years and is now benchmarking best practices of Vincit and LaaS. She is interested in modern organizational models, future of (human) work and creating purpose and meaning for business and individuals.

In her spare time she enjoying nature with her dog and horse or getting excited about new ideas in a role of a start-up coach.