Tangible outcomes

We are supporting our clients with four different, but equally important strategic services:

Case Superoperator

The Hallman company bought a property in Kuopio in 2011. The deal included a car wash that was part of the property. It was not related to the company’s core business and therefore they needed a strategic partner to help them in value creation reform.

Together with the customer, an intense service design phase to reform the traditional car wash business began. Through that, a business model centered around technology and ease was created. The idea that everything could be based on a monthly payment arose.

To ensure demand and validate the model a prototype was required. On the grounds of this prototype and the acquired feedback the development of the business was continued. Vincit is responsible for the entire business design and technology realisations. No human labour is required for the customer to go through the car wash experience. License plates are identified by cameras and systems, and the whole experience is navigated by a mobile application.

Superoperator, with the help of Vincit, aims to become the biggest company offering car washing services in Finland / the world. At the moment they have more than 30 car washes in Finland and the technology is used in North America, Australia and several countries in Europe.

Case Metso

Metso is the world leader in the mining, crusher, and flow control manufacturing industries. Metso  was looking for ways to enhance their footprint in the market, improve customer experience with their existing rock crushing fleet, and enhance the operational efficiency of both the fleet and their own services.

Vincit approached the situation with our service design method, defined and designed new service models for the fleet, and eventually implemented the new digital service platform, Metso Metrics.

The service enables remote monitoring of crushers and visualisation of valuable information, such as production quantities and operation hours. Centralised data also helps by increasing the efficiency of the machines, anticipating maintenance needs and giving remote support.

Case Me Säätiö

We Foundation. As we all know, when you are young, you don’t necessary know your path in life. There are too many options, and you don’t have full transparency on all the options society has to offer. Together with We Foundation, Vincit created an analytics-based service (Noodi) to help young people to find their way, when it comes to education and one’s future. Noodi combines national databases on career paths, salary levels, job characteristics models, to help a person find the right kind of path in life. With this digital solution and service – no one is left outside in our society and everyone has an equal opportunity to find their path.