Tangible outcomes

We are supporting our clients with four different, but equally important strategic services. One unique twist of ours is that we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the client felt that our work didn’t bring enough additional value, we wouldn’t charge a dime. We think that this sort of preset establishes a great deal of trust between us and our clients.


We help companies and organisations to make smarter decisions, get better insights and move faster.

We recognize that utilisation of technology is rapidly changing all areas of life. It’s shredding close-knit entireties into pieces and taking down whole industries. This development is not just incremental, it’s exponential.

We think this shouldn’t be intimidating, instead it should be invigorating as the same forces are also spawning new businesses, changing the way we learn and get things done. When the tectonic plates of digital transformation are shifting and moving ahead, huge opportunities are to be seized and the impossible will be redefined. Working life as we know it is reshaping and reforming.

We help our clients to navigate in this rapidly changing landscape by bringing tangible outcomes. We are deeply intertwined with our clients in the journey of designing successful strategies to build smarter, more purposeful and better businesses.

We know what fuels productivity. We know how it functions. We know which decisions create the most value. But most of all, we want to know you.



We know modern organizations, agile development and leadership and we want to engage our clients on a journey towards building purpose and meaning on individual and organizational level. People who are deeply engaged to their work achieve more, innovate more and build a sustainable future for business.

Business insight

Digital transformation is shaping the competitive battleground in all industries by the distinction of better adopters of technologies and the others. The ones who are the most ardent in capitalising on technology, are gathering more advantage. Much more.

Industries are going through this digital transformation either in a crisis mode or more in a controlled fashion, incorporating digitalisation as their core strategy. Digital transformation is not just about technology, however, it’s about growing adoption of digital technologies and new ways to think in integrating them in all internal and external activities of an organisation.

Decision makers need to be well equipped with relevant information, curated from diverse sources and making sense of it all. They have to be very clear about the end goals they are trying to achieve and what problems they are trying to solve.

There’s a plethora of information to be amassed and leveraged for strategic intelligence. By smart utilisation of quantitative data (from business operations and from the general market) will guide companies and organisations in creating more value for their services, innovating new products and helping on their decision-making. There are various tools for capturing the proliferation of data and harnessing it for a strategic edge, but the quest for a one pivotal action or a strategy is still taking its shape. We think that forming a better understanding of a business and its operations lies in building powerful algorithms for the right purpose and make understandable actions and knowledge from it by experimenting.

Success doesn’t happen by chance. There’s a wealth of evidence suggesting that decisions made out of deep insights will be better and more likely to lead to competitive advantage.



We help our clients in creating value for their products and services, spawn new services and create competitive advantage from information by utilising large amounts of data, AI and smart analytics with data driven algorithms.

Business Design

Creating engaging products and unique services.

In practice, Business Design stems partly from a careful analysis of the past, present and future projections, outlining and challenging the status quo widely across industries. It will also make rapid adjustments in the path of reaching the common vision by bringing tangible solutions.

Designing of the business with all of its various attributes can be performed the best when it’s backed up by the common vision. In our view the vision of a company or an organisation will not be set by the leadership alone, instead it will be molded by everyone involved. This will introduce commitment.

In reaching the vision however, it would be delusional to just focus solely on fixed ideas and technologies for uncovering a new rainmaker, or a savior or such. Ideas need to be nurtured and tested to see what works and what doesn’t. But first and foremost, coming up with powerful and effective solutions require intense focus on the company culture, cultivating autonomous teams that will be inspired to clarify, innovate, experiment and collaborate. Then developing new ideas and testing experiences will be more exciting and easier. After all, innovation is a social process, people need to connect and share their thoughts, problems and learning.


Design Thinking

Businesses and organisations must ask themselves what problems they are trying to solve, and for whom. Also, how they are uniquely trying to solve them. Enter Design Thinking, the creative approach for problem solving. This is one of the fundamental frameworks we are using for gaining an understanding of a business. It’s an iterative process that uncovers alternative strategies by trying to understand problems in a profound way and to construct solutions to address them. Its aim is to develop a perspective of the people for whom the products or services are trying to reach, and implement designing processes from their perspective.


Service Design

Services are everywhere and they affect us the most in our lives. Services in fact account for the majority of the world’s GDP. They traditionally range from tangible products such as buying a car to intangible services like insurances. Service Design is an integral part of the Business Design where our designers are co-designing with our clients and thinking like consumers, evaluating end-to-end processes. They will unify different disciplines in their research and problem solving, deeply formulating a comprehensive understanding of what an ideal solution would look like. Then they will test the solutions with service prototypes with real people, in order to see how the theory works in the real-life environment. Then they will rework and try again. Eventually they will be able to deliver a detailed blueprint and a task-list for implementation, maintenance and future evolution.

Also, when Design Thinking will be embedded as an integral part of the company’s modus operandi, the same methodologies and innovations will easily find their way into other areas of the business as well, such as finance, accounting, logistics, etc., eventually supercharging the overall company performance.



Desirable, satisfying and efficient products and services. Gaining deeper understanding of strategic needs and integration of business operations. Discovering detailed paths for new identified business models and service concepts. One of the objectives is to achieve seamless dialogue between business and technology operations.

Technology utilisation

Maintaining a competitive edge in this rapidly changing landscape needs constant evolvement. For making improvements, however, radical progression and avid vision is needed. In today’s world, this usually means infusing the strategies with leading edge technologies.

Infiltration of technology into all aspects of life is changing the way we learn and get things done in an accelerating pace. In a relative sense, present technology is quite a physical and protruding concept and which constantly have to be tended in a manual manner. But as technologies become more accessible for wider audiences, they will dissolve in the background and begin to transform the accessibility of the physical world itself.

We help our clients to discover sensible solutions and infusing humanity into them. Everything we create, should be tangible, see the daylight and be of immediate value, and not just theory on a whitepaper or in a PowerPoint deck. However, a specific technology for us is a background thing, it’s an enabler of things but not an essential starting point for digital transformation, per se. We believe that keeping people in the center of everything what we do, helps us in bringing humane inventions and building a better society.



We bring sensible utilisation of technologies through architecture design and solution consulting.